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Children's Photography

In all our family sessions we always ensure we take time to focus on the little ones individually too.  At every age there are different stages and we want to show your kids as they are right now.  Sometimes parents might tell us they are a little worried about how their kids will be on the day – however our approach is very much a fun one and we interact with the children on their own level so that they feel safe and encouraged.  

We recommend that parents try not to school the kids to smile - rather to allow us to draw out the natural smiles and giggles on the day.  We want your children to enjoy their session and feel that it is on their terms while having a whole lotta fun.

Sometimes before a session - a parent might comment that they are worried about how their little ones will behave, or be in the studio. However - you needn't worry - we are toddler-tamers from way back and we understand that to get natural smiles from children - its all got to be on their terms (not ours).   


Our family  and children sessions are lots of fun and in many cases relatively quick so that we can capture them in their 'window' if you like - kiddos can get a bit tired if a session is too long so we tend to get the best portraits quickly and while they are having fun.  

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