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Cake Smash

We're sure your baby has changed A LOT in their first year so why not celebrate turning one with a Cake Smash!

These are the MOST FUN sessions we do - you are going to love it!!

Our style for Cake Smash is a very natural one. We keep everything nice and simple so it's your beautiful child that is the star of the portraits!

Your Cake Smash Portrait Experience is priced at $225.00 and includes:

✨ A fun-filled portrait session with our amazing photographer! (Child before, during and after cake)

 A scrumptious designer cake to smash and indulge in!

 A refreshing bubble bath to wash away the sweet mess.

 Plus, a fully guided design consultation to help you choose and design the perfect artwork for your home.

Artwork prices range from $350 for a beautiful Museum Grade Portrait to $4900 for our Premium Portrait Collections. Most families tend to invest between $1500 and $3500, we recognise that every family is different. During your design consultation, we will help you find the perfect portrait collection for your home and there's no obligation to choose anything other than what you love on the day.

Call us to book your Birthday Cake Smash Session! 03 390 0027

We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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