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Fine Art Portraits

Our approach to Fine Art Portraiture is to make an artistic statement that is beautiful and striking. They really are gorgeous works of art intended for your wall.

Composition is a strong element in fine art portrait photography, it delivers maximum impact and depicts emotion in a vivid and distinctive style. These portraits are timeless and capture the essence of the subject’s character in a vision created by our amazing photographer Steph.

Whichever ‘type’ of session you desire, we will capture a variety of portraits that best portray you and your family.


Fine art portrait photography has grown in the luxury portrait photography market in recent years. The results are superbly evocative and make simply stunning works of art.

Fine art portraits are the family heirlooms of the future.

If you like the idea of your portrait hanging in your descendant’s hallway, then Fine Art Portraiture is a must.

Thank you to the beautiful girls from Canterbury Ballet and Christchurch School of Gymnastics Miss Luna and the beautiful Ewing Family

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