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The Team

We are a small team and we are passionate about what we do, and ensuring you have the best experience with us.  From your first call on the phone through to receiving your gorgeous finished portraits  - each step  of your journey will be  a delight. 

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Helen is a seasoned professional photographer with a passion that has been capturing moments since 2007.

As a parent of two boys, Helen understands the nuances of family dynamics, allowing for a genuine connection that translates beautifully onto stunning portrait artwork.

Beyond the lens, Helen is a dedicated adventurer who finds solace in the great outdoors with skiing and running.



Portrait Designer and Marketing

Amber is our Studio Portrait Designer and Marketing whiz who will help you craft a stunning display from your gorgeous portraits to fit beautifully in your home ensuring they will be showcased proudly for years to come. 


Her Marketing background helps keep us connected to our wonderful clients.



Studio Assistant

Phoebe is versatile in her Customer Service and Studio Assistant role. Multitasking, she manages the phone calls, captures moments behind the camera, and unleashes her creativity in the design room.

Phoebe brings her exceptional artistic talents to our studio. With her creative prowess, she adds a unique touch to every clients artwork, making it truly one-of-a-kind.



Studio Director

My boys were born too early, after spending three weeks in NICU they were allowed to come home. The love I have for them I cannot describe. This experience was another reminder of how life is so precious.


Seeing our family portraits on our home walls is a reminder of where we have come from and gives us strength. 
This I want others to experience, the importance of family life is priceless.


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