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Our Philosophy

Photos are often some of the most precious things we possess. They are the things that people would rescue from a burning house and they are things that can never be replaced–those photos of the babies who grew up, a treasured family moment, a wedding day, a loved one who has passed on. These photos are so cherished and so precious and they will outlast all technology to be passed down through the years. We want to help you hold onto those moments and memories by capturing them and helping you celebrate all that you love in your life right now. The way that your toddler wraps his chubby arms around your neck and gives you one of his special ‘cuggles’, or the way your daughter and you often find yourselves with your heads together, giggling at your own private joke that no one else gets.Maybe its just the way you can look up, and you see your kids snuggled together on the couch in a quiet moment, their little bodies entwined as they watch their favourite cartoon, and all of a sudden you forget that they were fighting earlier, and your heart feels like it will burst with pride and love. There are so many very precious moments in your life. These moments happen every day–and they are so often and so sweet and so short, that sometimes you can forget they even happened at all because they happen all the time. Until one day–you stop, and you realise, that they don’t happen any more. This time will pass and it will pass quickly, therefore we truly believe that this time should be savoured, celebrated, captured, and that you deserve to have these beautiful moments on display. Today is so precious–you will never be this little again so let’s do this now. Too often we have heard “We really should get our portraits done, we’ve been talking about it for years’, but so often ‘should’ turns into ‘didn’t’ which turns into “I wish we had...” But we can’t go back. So what is it you love in your life? Who is in your life right now that means the world to you and you want to celebrate?

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